Greenfield vs. Brownfield Switches

Cloud-ready, or “greenfield,” switches can be automatically added to the Juniper Mist cloud using the zero touch provisioning (ZTP) option, or they can be added manually by entering an activation code for the switch in the Juniper Mist portal.

New switches should be cloud-ready out of the box. If so, they will have a cloud sticker on the box/front panel and a Mist QR code sticker. In such cases, you can scan the QR code to claim the switch onto your site using the Mist AI app or by entering claim code or Activation code using the Claim switches option.


Brownfield” switches, that is, switches being brought into the Juniper Mist cloud from a previous deployment, can also be added to the Juniper Mist cloud using the Adopt Switches option.

In either case, the switch needs to connect to a Domain Name System (DNS) server (a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server is also recommended), and it needs to be able to connect to the Juniper Mist cloud over the Internet. If there is a firewall between the cloud and the switch, you need to allow inbound access on TCP port 2200 to the management port of the switch.

We recommend that all switches added to the Juniper Mist cloud be managed exclusively through the Juniper Mist portal, and not from the device’s CLI.


Learn more about how to add your brownfield or greenfield switches onto the Juniper Mist Cloud on this page: