Mist AI Mobile App

Mist AI: Mobile App for Site Configurations

Mist Systems is excited to announce Mist AI: a brand new mobile application to assist in the ease of deploying Mist Infrastructure at scale. Using this app, view your different sites and AP inventory, claim APs to your Org or Site, and find nearby APs using BLE technology on your phone to scan the surrounding areas. Setup and monitor your organization while on the go, and troubleshoot issues using just your mobile device.

The Mist AI app is available on the App Store and compatible with IOS 10.0 and above.

Find our Mist AI app on the iTunes app store for your iPhone (here) and iPad (here)

Or you can scan this QR code from your IOS or android device

Organization View:

Logging in to the App brings you to the home screen of the Organization view. Scroll through each of the organizations linked to your account, and select them to view the list of sites associated with that organization. Easily view the site location and number of APs on that site on this screen.

Claim AP:

Claim APs to either a specific Site on your Org, or the Organization itself using a QR code scanner or by providing the Claim code. Both of these can be found on the bottom of your Mist AP.

Site View:

Navigate through all of your sites and view the list of APs present on the site. Open up the Map view of that site to see the exact locations of each AP (as designated through the UI). Here, you can enlarge the AP names for better visibility, as well as click on each AP to enter their detailed view (see next section)

AP Inventory:

AP Inventory lists all of the Assigned and Unassigned APs present on a particular site. Select an AP to view its full details, including Name, Status, MAC address, Uptime, etc. Use the Flash LED function to easily locate the AP when on site, and assign the AP with labels and notes straight from your mobile device. Also Unassign the AP from your site or unclaim the AP from the Org straight from this window.

Identify AP:

Use your phone to scan for BLE RSSI signals emitted from nearby APs (Make sure to have bluetooth enabled on your device). The AP with the strongest RSSI (the one closest to you) will be displayed with green text, allowing for ease of troubleshooting and locating specific APs in person. Only APs assigned to your site will be shown in this display.

AP Verification

Easily locate your AP on site while in the map view. Toggle on Verify AP while in map view and tap on the AP you want to locate. Verify that the correct AP is blinking by selecting either Good or Bad from the app and the AP color will change to green or red respectively.


AP Photos

It can be hard to find a particular AP when searching through a large site.  Take photos of your APs during deployment to add visual assistance when trying to locate specific APs.  To do so, select your AP from the list of APs on your site and select Show AP Photos.  Here, you may take up to three pictures for each AP.  Reference these photos either through the app or from the Mist dashboard.


These pictures can be viewed from the Mist Dashboard as well.  Just select your AP from the AP list to view its details and select Show AP Photos in the Properties box.  Here, you can cycle through the photos taken from the app.