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Troubleshooting using Marvis

Mist’s Marvis virtual assistant is the first of its kind to complement the SLE framework for streamlining wireless operations.  This AI-driven assistant accepts commands in either Natural Language or Guided Queries to provide insight into how your network is operating and being used.  The Marvis assistant for Wireless IT helps differentiate and isolate client specific...

Using Marvis to troubleshoot a client

On the Virtual Assistant page type “troubleshoot client today”. VNA would provide with possible answers. Click on the investigate button to look into the correlation, events, etc and deduce what went wrong with the client.

Correlation – Probable Causes

The Probable Causes chart gives a probability score to the source of the issue.  By default, with no information, the probability for all four categories (AP, WLAN, Client, Band) are split evenly at 25% each.  As more data is accumulated, we are able to give a better representation on the probability of failures for each...

Other useful Marvis queries

Natural Language Interface troubleshoot client john this week Machine learning driven assessment on what is wrong with client Troubleshoot site Office this week Machine learning driven assessment on what is wrong with the site. List clients Show all clients in the organization List events by dhcp Shows all the DHCP servers at the office.  Easy...