Administrator Roles

To view or assign administrator roles to your users, navigate (as a Super User) to Organizations > Administrators. Each type of role has different read and write capabilities:   Super User Read/write access to entire organization. No restrictions. Network Admin (All Sites Access) Limited read/write access to all sites under the organization Can modify all site-level...

Block Juniper Mist support access for your organization

It is best security practice to disable Juniper Mist support team access to your company organization. This can be done via the UI by unchecking the support access box as follows: Under Organization, Settings, Support Access tile:

How to generate a User API Token

First you will need to generate a User API Token. You can do it here and this will carry your permissions.  This is from the Mist API docs NOTE – There also exists an Org Token which has some features that might be more useful depending on your use case. User Token Token persists under...