Virtual Chassis

Virtual Chassis Overview

The Virtual Chassis technology enables you to connect multiple individual switches together to form one logical unit and to manage the individual switches as a single unit. You can configure and manage a Virtual Chassis using the Juniper Mist™ portal. The switches you add to a Virtual Chassis are called members. In a Virtual Chassis...

Configure a Virtual Chassis Using EX2300, EX4650, or QFX5120 Switches

The Juniper Networks EX2300, EX4650, and QFX5120 switches do not form a Virtual Chassis by default, as these switches don’t have dedicated Virtual Chassis ports (VCPs). Therefore, to create a Virtual Chassis with these switches, you need to use the Form Virtual Chassis option on the Juniper Mist™ portal. The Form Virtual Chassis option applies...

Modify a Virtual Chassis

You can use the Modify Virtual Chassis option on the switch details page to renumber and replace the Virtual Chassis members and add new members to a Virtual Chassis.

Delete Virtual Chassis Members

You can delete the member switches from the Virtual Chassis, by clicking the delete (trash) icon on the Modify Virtual Chassis window. Before deleting any member switch, you must ensure that the switch to be removed is disconnected from the Virtual Chassis

Renumbering the Virtual Chassis Members

If you prefer to see the Virtual Chassis members on the Mist portal in the same order as they are physically stacked, you need to power these members on and then connect them to the other existing Virtual Chassis switch members in that order.

Setting up Mastership Priority for Virtual Chassis

Default mastership determination: Member with highest user configured priority (1-155), default is 128. Member previously functioning as master prior to reboot Member with the longest standing time (difference must be greater than 1 minute) Member with the lowest MAC Address (used as a tie breaker if all is equal through the first three determination steps)...

Virtual Chassis Formation for Mixed Mode

The below document explains how VC formation for mixed mode works using both preprovisioned and non-preprovisioned: The following is the list of supported switch model by MIST: Supported Switch Models From all the supported switches by MIST, the following ones are the only ones that can be considered as ”mixed configurable”: EX4300 EX4300-MP EX4600 If...