Access Control General Best Practices

Here is some of the best practices in securing your devices in the network.  When we talk about the most secure method to secure access to the network we are usually talking about 802.1x.  

Simple EAP-TLS Validation

Validation and troubleshooting, so if we look at one of these clients that we connected successfully, we can take a look at the Intel device and client insights, we now have all the network related events as the client goes through updating DHCP, resolving ARP and DNS….

EAP-TLS – leveraging certificate attributes to create Auth Policies

Authentication policies, how can we use them in combination with certificates alone.  We will create another example, so far we have authenticated a user using the test certificate we created before.  What if we want to differentiate between different types of users just by looking at certificates.

Azure with EAP-TLS Configuration

In our use cases, so far we have been using EAP-TLS just by looking at the user certificate now let’s add a little bit more into the mix. Lets add identity provider lookup, so what we want to do is still use EAP-TLS for the authentication but add….

EAP-TLS with Azure: validation & WxLAN integration

Now we have configured let’s validate. Let’s see which policy is actually being “hit” by this user. So we went in and did “client certificate check” , so we see the client trusted the server certificate…