Service Level Expectations (SLE)

Service Level Expectations (SLE)

Mist Predictive Analytics and Correlation Engine (PACE) provides the Industry’s true first attempt at applying data science and machine learning to understand the actual end user experience on the network. The primary Mist dashboard presents the results of the PACE engine, in the form of Service Level Experience metrics (SLE) Metrics. Mist PACE monitors 7...

Troubleshooting with SLE’s

This a great video done by Wes Purvis walking through how to use the SLE’s in an operational context.

SLE API Documentation

Monitoring the Mist Service Level Experience (SLE) API Documentation: Many endpoints used on the Mist WiFi Service Levels dashboard can be found in the API docs: (requires valid login) or Those endpoints which may not be found in the API docs are noted below. Metrics/Classifiers: Mist SLEs support metrics and classifiers. Metrics track...