Cookie Notice

This Cookie Notice (“Cookie Notice”) explains how Juniper Networks, Inc. (“Juniper”, “we”, “us” or “our”) may use cookies and similar technologies in connection with your visit to our websites for Mist products, including without limitation and any successor websites, mobile or localized versions and related domains or sub-domains (“Sites“). It explains what these technologies are, why we use them, and how you can control them. This Cookie Notice supplements the Juniper Privacy Notice. To the extent this Cookie Notice conflicts with the Juniper Privacy Notice, for example with regard to use of cookies, this Cookie Notice controls.

What are cookies?

A cookie is an alphanumeric set of characters that a website transfers to the cookie file of the browser on your computer so that a website can remember who you are to, for example, customize website content and create a better browsing experience. A cookie will typically contain the name of the domain or website that created the cookie, the “lifetime” of the cookie, and an alphanumeric value, usually a randomly generated unique number to identify the cookie.

Two types of cookies may be used on our Websites: session cookies (which are temporary cookies that remain in the cookie file of your browser until you leave the website) and persistent cookies (which remain in the cookie file of your browser for longer, typically two days, though the time period will depend on the lifetime of the specific cookie).

We may use four categories of cookies as described below.

Similar technologies may be used instead of or in conjunction with cookies, such as web beacons, which are small, non-recognizable pictures downloaded to your computer when a specific website is loaded.

For what purposes does Juniper use cookies?

When you visit our Sites, we may use cookies and similar technologies for the following purposes:

  • To help us recognize you as a unique visitor (just an alphanumeric identifier) when you return to our Site.
  • To allow us to tailor content or advertisements to match your preferred interests.
  • To avoid showing you the same advertisements repeatedly.
  • To support sales activities and provide direct marketing communications to you if you have consented to receive such communications.
  • To compile statistics that allow us to understand how users interact with our Sites, such as from which web page a user visited prior to arriving at our Sites, how long users remained on one of our Sites’ pages, and what website users visited directly after they left the domain of our Sites.
  • To help us improve our Sites.
  • To protect the security of our Sites.

Cookies we use may collect information such as IP address, mobile identifier and the browser and type of operating system of the device you used to access our Site and certain activity data of the device, for example, pages viewed and links clicked.

What categories of cookies do you use?

The categories of cookies used in our Sites and mobile applications are as follows:

How can I disable cookies?

Most browsers let you remove or reject cookies. To do this, follow the instructions in your browser settings. Many browsers accept cookies by default until you change your settings. Our Site also provides a system permitting you to make certain choices regarding the cookies used by our Sites. Please click the “Cookie Settings” link at the bottom of this Cookie Notice for further information regarding the cookies used by our Sites and for details on which categories of cookies you may choose to disable or enable.

Note that by disabling certain categories of cookies you may be prevented from accessing some features of our Sites, certain content or functionality may not be available, or our Sites may not operate correctly.

Opt-Out of “Sharing” / Targeted Advertising

Depending on your location, you may opt-out of third-party cookies relating to “selling”/“sharing” or targeted advertising that uses your personal data. More information can be found at the United States Supplemental Privacy Notice (Selected States).

If your browser supports it, you can turn on Global Privacy Control, which is an opt-out preference signal to opt-out of “selling”/“sharing” or targeted advertising using your personal data. However, exercising your right to opt-out does not opt you out of all digital advertising; for example, our service providers may still deliver contextual advertising to you on websites without using personal data collected from our Sites. Opt-out preference signals are browser/device-based and therefore you must opt out on each browser/device where you want that choice to apply. If your browser’s software does not natively support this functionality, a third-party plug-in with this functionality may be available to you. Click this link to learn more about Global Privacy Control and the supported browsers and plugins. In addition, please see your browser’s settings and documentation for more information. We process opt-out preference signals in a frictionless manner.

Configuring Global Privacy Control does not opt you out of “selling”/“sharing” or targeted advertising using your personal data that is not collected by a cookie or other tracking technology. To do so, you must complete and submit this form.

Additional Information on Device and Browser Privacy Controls

For additional opt-out options, please visit the websites below. We do not control these opt-out mechanisms and are not responsible for their operation.

The above opt-out tools rely on the use of cookies, and to the extent your browser settings impact use of third-party cookies, the above tools may not operate correctly. The above tools also apply only to the browser on which they are implemented. If you want to apply these tools to multiple devices or multiple browsers, you must exercise these tools on each browser and/or device.

Do Not Track

There are different ways to prevent the tracking of your online activities. Some web browsers may allow you to enable a do-not-track feature that alerts the websites you visit that you do not want your online activities to be tracked. Our Sites may not recognize or react in response to do-not-track signals.

For more information about how we collect, use and share your personal data, see our Privacy Notice.

Effective December 2022. The previous notice is available here.