Wi-Fi Basics and Design Best Practices

Basics 1 Channel

Intro Wi-Fi Learning, Frequencies, Wi-Fi History, Interference duplex, Adjacent channel interference, 5Ghz, DFS, Channel bonding, Signal strength, BSSID, Other wireless, BLE, Ethernet vs Wi-Fi NICs, SNR and data rates, 802.11 frame types and timing, roaming, security, Wi-Fi Design & Ekahau design

Basics 2 Channel

Intro Review, Virtual carrier Sense, Physical carrier Sense, Duty Cycle and spectrum, Air Time Usage, Multi-PSK, An interesting Site Survey, SLE’s

Basics 3 Channel

Data rates, Modulation, SNR, OFDM Subcarriers and Spatial streams, MIMO and Antenna patters, Controllers and cloud, Mist config templates and security, Mist RRM

Wi-Fi Basics 4 – the Wi-Fi State Machine

Whenever we speak about or we track connection states, everything is available for us, we are talking about 150 states that we are aware of during a process of a particular wireless client getting onto the network and thereafter. But one of the key few metrics that you want to see, and this helps you...

Wi-Fi Basics 5 – Actual Design

We’ve seen a huge transition from Wireless being a nice to have access medium to wireless being the de facto standard and now now that it is a de facto standard we have to deploy various different kinds of networks right we go to deploy a really a coverage based network wherein if you’re in...