December 5th 2019 Updates

Simplified Operations

Wired Packet Capture

Please note this feature requires firmware version of 0.5.x or newer.

Previously the Wired packet capture feature was limited to beta customers, so this week we are excited to announce that this feature is now available for all users! With Wired PCAP, data is captured from the Eth0 port of your AP, and will examine the packets between the AP and the rest of your wired network. This includes any RADIUS, DHCP, or DNS servers you have set up. With this expanded range of visibility, network admins now have the ability to capture the wired side packets to debug issues with servers on their own network. To find the full write up and more detailed instructions on how to use this feature, please see this page in our documentation:


Bug Fixes and Improvements

Support Ticket Fix: Separation between Creator and Commenter

We have resolved a support ticket issue in which any user commenting on a ticket would be displayed as the original creator commenting, causing confusion. With this fix, each person commenting on tickets will be shown as individual users – multiple users commenting on a single ticket will be shown as multiple users, instead of just one user.

Learn how to open a support ticket here: