How to open a support ticket

Please use the Question Mark on your Mist Dashboard.  Select Support Tickets from the dropdown menu.

In the Support Tickets screen, click on the Create a Ticket button.

Using the dropdown menu, select the ticket type that matches your issue, and then fill in the rest of the sections to submit your ticket.

or simply drop a note to

Our experts will respond rapidly to you.


Does Mist have a support number we can reach out to?

As of now, we do not have a support number for opening a ticket. But if your issue/concerns requires any urgent assistance, you can at anytime (24/7) create an Urgent priority ticket for the support team and they will reach out to you instantly. You can also include your contact number or a meeting invite and request for a call/meeting in case you want us to reach out to you through these methods.


What information should I include in the event of a hardware failure of a Mist AP?

In the case where there is a faulty hardware issue, you can provide us with the below details so that we can quickly help you resolve your issue:

  • AP MAC address
  • The exact LED patterns on the AP, and if possible, a 1-minute video showing the pattern
  • Are you getting the MAC address of the AP on your switch port?
  • Is the AP getting power from the switch?
  • Is the AP getting an IP address and is it pinging on the L3 gateway of your network?
  • Which troubleshooting steps have been followed for fixing the issue?Please provide all the additional logs which can help us get to the root cause of the issue.


How can I send the logs from my AP to Mist?

If the device is disconnected from the cloud or if its hardware is faulty, you won’t be able to send any logs from the AP. But in the cases where the AP is connected and logs are required (e.g. for client troubleshooting):

  1. Go to the Access points tab
  2. Click on the AP for which you want to send the logs.
  3. Click on Utilities -> Send AP Log to Mist


Please note that sending logs for any AP from the Mist Portal will take at least 30 seconds to 1 minute. So in case you wish to reboot the AP to fix any issues, click on Send AP Log to Mist first and wait for at least 1 minute before rebooting the AP.