How to generate a Mist API Token


NOTE – Please note the API endpoint varies by cloud environment.  Please refer to the cloud endpoint URLs document.

There is a tool call Postman that can be used to interact with the API without getting into coding. It is a really good place to start. You can download it here.


First you will need to generate an API Token. You can do it here and this will carry your permissions.  This is from the Mist API docs


Just press POST  (Note the URL, I’m already logged into the UI and created a new tab) the browser has my credentials.

Now in the new Postman screen  you will have to populate the Authorization and Content-type. Note Authorization should be the API token you have saved on your notepad.

Now your ready to make some Mist API calls!

Here is my UI with my SSID created called TestWlan

We used a GET with the proper site ID for the API call


Now we can setup Postman to make a change – choose the correct Body Text (JSON)

Now we can use the PUT call to just change the key-pair we want. Lets change the SSID name. But we need to also get the WLAN ID as the API call is

And look at that.  You can make all kinds of changes using the API.

And Postman has a link on the right called “CODE” which lets you turn this API call into Python or other languages so you can add it to a script your already using or the basis of a new one.

And you can choose your format, we are using Python