Location Diagnostic Beam Density Coverage Map

Check following prerequisites to show Beam Density Map coverage:

  • Floor Map should be present in UI → Location → Live View
  • Check App(SDK), to see if Wifi clients and BLE Assets are connected or not

Beam Density Coverage Map:

Coverage shows in the map for each device type – Wifi, BLE Assets, SDK for time duration 1h, 2h ,6h, 24h. Values closer to 0 means that the device type RSSI is within closer proximity to the Mist AP(s)

App Clients

To read about how to connect App clients, check the following documentation: https://www.mist.com/documentation/mist-experience-mobile-app/


WiFi Clients

WiFi clients (Connected) have to be seen by at least 1 AP to be displayed on the coverage map.


BLE Assets

Assigned a name to your BLE clients to track them as BLE assets (Named Assets).  Read more in the following documentation: https://www.mist.com/documentation/asset-tracking/