Zebra Wireless Insights

We are expanding our support for Zebra devices by adding client events captured directly from the end user’s device.  This is an addition to the already existing AP reported event types captured from the Mist AP side for Zebra devices.  With these new client-report events, you can have even more data to give you a complete picture of Zebra clients’ activity on your site.  To see these Client reported events, simply toggle the tab under the Client Events section of your Zebra device’s Client Insights Dashboard.  You may switch between AP reported and Client reported events by clicking on the desired display.  If your Zebra device has no client events to report, this toggle will be hidden.

Please Note: To see these events from your Zebra device, the device must have a valid Worry Free Wi-Fi (WFW) license and the Marvis Android Client (V23 or later) installed. For the Zebra license, please contact your Zebra sales representative directly.


Connection events

Mist APs provide visibility into 150+ user pre-connection & post connection states, however, with Zebra wireless insights there is now the capability to decipher what is happening when a device tries to connect, roam and/or disconnects.

Some sample events & their reasons are:

  • Disconnect Suppression Triggered: Device management path is still active with the AP, however, the data path is blocked i.e. it neither sends nor receives data from AP. During this period, it tries to roam to a new AP or reconnect to same AP. On successful roam/reconnection to the AP, the data path/connection resumes (indicated by the Disconnect Suppression Completed event)
  • Disconnect Reason: Due to Wi-Fi disabled, profile updated from UI, profile deleted from UI


Roaming events

Marvis provides the roaming journey of every device with the ‘RoamingOf’ query, however, with Zebra wireless insights there is now the capability to get insights into what triggered the roam for eg. poor coverage area.


Voice events

For any voice call made using the Zebra device, you can now not only view when the call started & stopped, but also the performance of the voice call – both during the call as well at the end in the form of a summary.

The performance is measured in terms of key voice metrics such as packet loss, latency, jitter, VoIP link quality (similar to MOS) & Wi-Fi link quality. Additionally, the reason & description uniquely provide the voice call experience from the device’s perspective based on the metrics.