Wired Visibility with 3rd Party Switches

Leveraging a standards based approach, Mist can already deliver visibility on the full access layer network topology , as well as monitor, measure and alert on key compliance metrics for the wired network. Specific to the wired network, the Juniper-Mist Microservices cloud solution can deliver visibility on:

  • Version Compliance: Find switches running dissimilar firmware and requiring firmware changes
  • Switch-AP-Affinity: Switches overloaded with APs
    • Too many APs on a switch.
  • PoE Compliance: Switch ports not supplying enough power to APs
  • VLANs: Missing VLANs on the switch port
  • Switch Uptime: Uptime of the switch from the APs perspective

An example of checking Version Compliance


The Juniper-Mist solution can deliver visibility into wired network issues and aggregate them across the organization, and dive into whether its a site level, particular switch level, port or AP level problem.

The solution also gives you a visual view of the wired side design and impact of a wired switch failure on your fixed and mobile endpoints. By clicking on any switch above, you can see what the blast radius of the impact of switch downtime would be, and you can now design your network in a more redundant way and avoid network down situations.

For full switch level details along with port information – a simple click on the cloud console provides this as well:

Additionally, with our 100% API support, we are able to automate actions when an SLA is not being met such that the administrator can be alerted (e.g. through email or SMS), a help desk ticket can be automatically created, and the root cause and problem data (such as packet capture) can be saved along with the ticket. This can be done through our ServiceNow connector or, using our APIs, it could be interfaced easily to other service management systems.



Note: For the Switches tab to integrate successfully with Juniper switches, please use these configurations:

set protocols lldp management-address x.x.x.x
set protocols lldp port-id-subtype interface-name
set protocols lldp interface all
set protocols lldp-med interface all