What is Marvis Actions?



What is Marvis Actions?

Marvis Actions is the proactive method of using Marvis to highlight/bubble up high user-impacting issues across a customer’s organization. This is the next level of our AI capabilities (dpcap, AI driver RRM, VNA etc.), wherein our customers can now experience the beginnings of a self-driving network, along with some driver assist features (requiring user intervention) to systems which Mist doesn’t have access to, which automatically fixes issues affecting end users thereby resulting in on overall enhanced experience while accessing and using Wi-Fi.

Why is it important for customers?

Customers will now not only be able to view high visibility user-impacting issues but will also be able to permit Mist to fix most of the issues automatically as soon as they occur. This will result in significant savings in terms of time and effort in successfully troubleshooting and/or replicating an issue, resolving it and validating that the issue is indeed resolved by the action taken, as all of this will be taken care of by Marvis Actions.

When will it be released and what will it include?

The actions we address are:

    1. Missing VLAN – This will indicate if an AP, switch or multiple APs across multiple switches across multiple sites is missing a VLAN(s) on the switchport. If left unresolved, this would continue to result in clients (connecting to these APs) unable to obtain an IP address on the WLAN they are trying to connect to. This can also manifest as a client roaming issue and eventually clients will fail to successfully connect.
    2. EAP/802.1X failure – This is based on anomaly detection which will indicate if a Radius server at a site is not responding to EAP requests, based on a high number of clients failing 802.1X authentication on the WLAN, and/or if an AP is missing as a NAS client, based on all clients failing 802.1X authentication on that AP. This too will lead to clients eventually failing to successfully connect.

How do I use Marvis Actions?

By default, the landing page of Marvis shows the Actions which are to be taken across the organization

On the right contains the list of issues which are resolved (or thought to be resolved) in the past 7 days and has 3 categories:

  • AI Validated – Marvis confirms the issue (such as an AP missing a VLAN) is no longer present. This includes the case of the user indicating the issue is resolved but it will show up here once Marvis confirms the issue is no longer seen; user resolves the issue on their network but doesn’t notify us in which case Marvis will automatically move the issue from Actions to Latest Updates
  • Resolved – Marvis confirms that an automated action (such as auto upgrade, auto RMA) or a manual AP upgrade, RMA request was completely successfully, if the user triggers the same from Actions
  • Reoccurring Issue – Marvis determines that an issue previously thought to be resolved from a user perspective was either not resolved by the action taken and/or the same issue has resurfaced
  • The user is required to click on a category (such as Switch, Authentication) to view and resolve actions under the category


For organization wide Missing VLANs, hovering over the APs, switches shows a list for each, while clicking on the sites shows the list of sites. On further clicking the sites in the popup, it redirects the user to the Switches tab for that site

The user can set a status to an issue or a group of issues. When the user resolves an issue, they will be prompted for feedback which will be used by Mist internally to determine the efficacy of the action

Finally, the user can view the actions required per site by selecting the Sites tab which will present them with a Google maps view of all their sites with issues