Wayfinding Use Case

The video above is a basic Way-finding use case. The customer:

  • Deployed their AP’s correctly (a mix of AP41 and BT11)
  • Integrated the Mist SDK into their mobile app (via a partner)
  • And used an accurate and scaled floor plan

Understanding your use case is very important as there isn’t a one size fits all deployment plan.  People don’t buy 3 meter accuracy, they are trying to solve a problem.  In this case it was finding your way around a large conference facility

This next video is a Way-finding setup in 2 days to host a 18,000 person conference.  There are ‘event app’ companies out there and this one integrated the Mist SDK so if the user looks up their next session they had the option to ‘show me how to get there’


Another variation on this theme is the “Customer-Associate” model.  The customer has an app they can use for way-finding and if they require assistance they can request it and the nearest “free” assistant can quickly find their customer and answer their questions.  This was using a POC application but has since been used in large retailers.

Way-finding is all about getting people to places.