WAN Assurance cloud-based platforms to monitor and manage the Juniper SD-WAN portfolio

Hardware Support

Juniper SRX platforms

vSRX, SRX300, SRX320, SRX340, SRX345, SRX380, SRX550M, SRX1500, SRX4100, SRX4200 & SRX4600

Recommended software releases for the SRX platform:

20.1R3, 20.2R3-S1, 20.3R3, 20.4R3, 21.1R2, 21.2R1 & 21.3R1

Juniper SSR platforms

SSR120, SSR120-AE SSR130, SSR130-AE, SSR1200, Certified and compatible white boxes are also supported, details of these products are here: https://docs.128technology.com/docs/about_supported_platforms/

Recommended software releases for the SSR are dependent on use case,

Monitoring only managed via the Conductor platform requires at least version 5.4.4.

Full management in the Juniper Mist cloud requires at least version

Deployment Options

Monitor Only

All the hardware has the option of using the Juniper Mist cloud for monitoring. This can be useful were a service provider wants to maintain existing deployment methodologies for the WAN while providing the customer with the Juniper Mist cloud for greater visibility.

Juniper SRX platforms

Existing deployments have a range of management from single router to full SD-WAN with CSO or other management products. A simple script is added to the SRX, and it builds a connection to the Mist cloud for monitoring and AI analytics. In this mode any configuration currently deployed will be supported, on condition that the SRX can access the Juniper Mist cloud.

Juniper SSR Platforms

Existing deployments using the central Conductor product can be monitored with Juniper Mist with the simple addition of a script to the SSRs. New deployments using Conductor and Juniper Mist can leverage the Juniper ZTP process to provision the SSR into both the Juniper Mist cloud and the Conductor in a single workflow. For this monitor mode the routers need to be on 5.4.4 or later.

Monitor & Manage

The Juniper Mist cloud has been designed to provide a clean and intent-based interface to configure both SSR and SRX platforms from the same GUI, any functional differences are clearly shown in the interface.

Configuration models are based around either a standalone router or a hub and spoke design, full mesh is not a supported feature currently.

Juniper SRX platforms

New SRX routers will be shipped with a QR code to claim them into the Juniper Mist cloud via the MIST AI application (available on iOS and Android), via API or using the normal GUI.

Older routers which are not equipped with the QR code can simply be brought online by entering a snippet of code.

Juniper SSR Platforms

As stated above it is possible to use the Juniper Mist cloud to provision the AP into a conductor. It is also supported to deploy the routers without the conductor as that function has been ingested into the Juniper Mist cloud, as with the SRX, all new SSR devices. will be shipped with a QR code to simplify deployment processing. For management the SSRs need to be version or later.