Marvis Overview and troubleshooting

This is Wes Purvis doing a great overview of Marvis including some of the latest wired features


Mist’s Marvis virtual assistant is the first of its kind to complement the SLE framework for streamlining wireless operations. This AI-driven assistant accepts commands in either Natural Language or Guided Queries to provide insight into how your network is operating and being used. The Marvis assistant for Wireless IT helps differentiate and isolate client specific issues from systemic site wide issues by providing leading indicators and root cause analysis of network issues. Simply type in your command and click on the Investigate button to dig deeper for full details.

Troubleshooting AP

Click on Analytics and select “Virtual Assistant” to go the VNA page. Enter in your query – in our example we use “TROUBLESHOOT “MIST: QA Testing” DURING “Last 7 Days””

Click on the investigate button to reveal all of the specific topics you can expand on. Use these categories to check the stats corresponding to this AP.

Clicking on Events provides all of the AP related charts during the selected time period. View a timeline of all client and AP events to pinpoint when issues started occurring.