Troubleshooting an AP negotiating at the wrong speed

1. Run the below commands on your switch to check the speed information on the port:

show cable-diagnostics tdr int <Interface_name>
show interf status


2. Please change the cable connecting the AP to the switch with a known working cable. If possible, swap it with a cable being used by an AP with no speed issues to rule out the cable as the issue.


3. If the AP is connected via patch panel then we need to change the cable on both ends (switch and patch panel)


4. To rule out the switch port please do one of the below steps:

  • Swap the switch port of the low-speed AP with a port of a working (1G) AP
  • Connect a known working AP with its cable to the port where the low-speed AP was connected


5. If the AP is connected to a patch panel, take a working cable and connect this AP directly to your switch and check for results.  This is to rule out the patch panel as the issue