Switch Upgrade

With Mist, we now have the ability to upgrade switches directly from the cloud.


  • Ensure stable SSH connectivity from switch to the cloud
  • Ensure enough space on the switch (more details below)

Enabling Status Column from the Menu

Make sure the status column is enabled in order to see Switch upgrade.

The hamburger menu option is visible on top of the right side in the switch list view:


Ensure the status option is checked:


Steps to perform the Switch Upgrade:

1. Select the Switch to upgrade, and the “Upgrade Switches” option will be visible on the right side.


2. Click “upgrade switches“ → “Upgrade switch firmware” → Select the firmware of choice.


3. You are presented with two options –

a. Reboot switch after image copy – By checking this box, the switch will automatically reboot after the image copy procedure is completed so that switch will boot up with the new image.


b. If left Unchecked: The image will be copied to the switch and will be in a state of pending reboot. To complete the upgrade of the switch, select Utilities → Reboot Switch when you are ready.


4. The Upgrade Process:

Once the upgrade starts, the progress of the upgrade will be indicated in the Switch list view, Switch details view(will show as → Upgrading) & from the Switch Insights View:


Switch List View:


Switch Details view:


Switch Insights view:


5. Once the copy process is complete, if the “Reboot after image copy” option was chosen, the switch will boot automatically and the switch upgrade will be complete.

6. If the option “Reboot after image copy“ is unchecked, the UI will indicate that the switch needs to “Reboot to use new image“


Upgrade Events

Upgrade events are visible on the UI. Clicking on “switch insights” will redirect to the Switch upgrade events:

The below events will appear when choosing Reboot after image copy:

‘Upgraded by User’ (Meaning the user has initiated the upgrade from the UI)


‘ Upgraded’ (After the switch reboot happened and was upgraded to mentioned image from UI)


If the option “Reboot after image copy“ is unchecked, the “Sw Upgrade Pending” event is visible as a manual reboot is required to complete the switch upgrade to the desired version:


“Restart by User” event is visible here as there is a need for manual reboot to take Sw_upgrade to effect:


Once the switch is upgraded the upgraded events on the UI is visible:


Multi-switch upgrade support

Mist provides options to upgrade multiple platforms simultaneously from the switch list view ( With different switch model combinations):


Virtual-chassis upgrade support

Mist supports upgrade of Virtual Chassis. The support does not include NSSU.

(Note – VC for QFX is not supported, yet)


Mixed Mode Virtual-chassis upgrade support

Mist supports upgrade of Mixed Mode virtual Chassis for the 4300 Platform (4300 + 4300MP)


Platforms supported:









Failed Events

There are few instances where the switch upgrade may fail.  Failure events on the Insights page will provide more detail s on the root cause for reference.

a) Upload Fail: During a Switch upgrade if there is a SSH disconnection or uplink port flapping happens, the switch upload will fail and this as well will be displayed on the switch insights events page:


b) Upgrade Fail due to Space issues:


In this case, you will need to run the following commands as “root” to free up the space:

mist-sw> start shell user root
mist-sw % pkg setop rm previous
mist-sw % pkg delete old


Please try the upgrade again once the above is complete for every single member of the VC


Other Events:

The following is an example of other event scenarios being taken care of:

If the user initiates the upgrade with the same image that is already running on the switch, then the upgrade will fail and the upgrade will not be needed( same for cases where the same image is in the switch pending version).  This will be displayed on the switch events.


Switch Time check

Ensure the time on the switch is correct.

show system uptime >>> will tell you the time on the switch.
If the time on the switch is incorrect, time mismatch will also cause upgrade failure:

OC FWUPDATE WRITEFAILED was seen on the switch and the time was incorrect.


[EX/QFX] Certificate errors – Cannot validate Junos Image : Format error in certificate – Juniper Networks


Switch storage checks

The switch upgrade is implemented in a way that it uses the `request system storage cleanup` command before any upgrade to make sure the space is available so that image can copied onto the /var/tmp folder onto the switch.


Firmware Availability

If the desired firmware is not available in the dropdown, please send a ticket to support@mist.com. The image will be made available in 24 to 48 hours