Subscriptions and Activations

The subscriptions page helps with keeping track of your purchased licenses.  View the list of subscription types you have access to and assign specific sites to enable these services on.

The Entitled column shows how many APs you can enable the subscription for and Usage lets you see how many APs are already using the service.  In the Detail tab, view your site list and see how many APs on the site are using your purchased subscriptions.

In addition to viewing purchased subscriptions in this page, you will also be able to enter in your Activation code here which is provided through email for any new orders placed.  Entering in your activation code will claim all the APs onto your organization and they will be put in an Unassigned state.  From here, freely distribute and assign the APs onto your desired sites.  This activation code will be associated with your APs and subscriptions, and will make bringing up large sites an easy, seamless process.

To view your subscription page, navigate to Organization > Subscriptions.  The Summary tab shows a list of your subscriptions and the Detail tab shows your list of sites.

Click on a subscription type to view the Subscription Details

Selecting Assign Now allows you to choose specific sites to assign subscriptions to:

View your site list and their associated subscriptions in the Detail tab

To claim APs using this activation code, select the Add Activation Code button on the upper right, and submit your code.  All your APs are now claimed and your subscriptions are active on your organization.



How can I see which subscription is related to a device?

Subscriptions are applied at the site level and are not tied to any specific hardware. If the feature is enabled at the site, then all APs assigned to that site will be consuming the corresponding subscription.

What will happen if subscriptions get expired?

Even after the license expires (or if you have insufficient subscriptions), devices will remain operational but you shouldn’t make any further configuration changes to your network. Subscriptions need to be renewed.

If I renew a subscription what are the steps in the portal that I must follow?

You should receive an activation code with your renewal. You can just claim that in the Mist UI, be the subscriptions would be added to your organization.

What is the difference between Entitled and Usage?

For any org, “Entitled” is the number of active licenses for that subscription type and “Usage” is the number of APs on sites which have this feature enabled. If the number of license Usage exceeds the Entitled, the Mist dashboard will show a warning banner.

What does this warning mean? “One or more subscriptions have expired or exceeded their entitled usage.”

This warning message means you do not have sufficient subscriptions claimed (e.g. SUB-MAN(Wifi) and SUB-VNA(Marvis)) for the services that you are currently using. We request that you please reach out to your sales representative regarding this so that you can purchase the required quantity of the licenses.

When I go to our subscriptions page, it shows the subscriptions are decommissioned even though we just renewed?

You should receive an Activation Code with your invoice, which can be added to your organization to claim the renewed subscriptions. If you didn’t receive a code, please open a support ticket @ and let us know your order number so we can look into this.

Does the Mist Cloud automatically drop the Access Point if the subscription expires?

The Mist cloud will NOT drop the AP’s – they will continue to work normally. The system will alert you if expired licenses have not been renewed within 30 days of expiration and cease to be active within 90 days.

Can licenses be moved from one organization to another?


What are the requirements for moving the licenses between organizations?

  1. The specified license in the current organization should be active. Sometimes licenses are added to the organization but are not yet active because the start dates are in the future. These are considered to be inactive. Please note that these inactive licenses cannot be moved to the other organization.
  2. There are enough entitled licenses (by the subscription ID) for the type of license after the amendment.
  3. The admin moving the licenses needs to be a Super User for both of the organizations.

Where is the API documentation for licenses?

API’s can be found at

Can subscriptions be co-termed?

Yes. Please reach out to for more details.

How to move subscriptions from global to EU environment?

You have to delete the subscription from the global environment and then reclaim it on EU environment.

The API for deleting the subscription is below

PUT /api/v1/orgs/:org_id/licenses
   "op": "delete",
   "subscription_id": "SUB-XXXXXXX"

API call for getting license summary

GET /api/v1/orgs/:org_id/licenses

API call for getting license usage by sites

GET /api/v1/orgs/:org_id/licenses/usages

When is the start of the 90 day free trial?

The 90 days trial starts when a new organization is created.

If I purchases a license, when is the start date for that license? Is it from the day it is activated using the activation code?

The start date is when we ship the order/ email the activation code.

When subscriptions expire, devices will remain operational but are there any specific features/configs that stop working? If I make a configuration change will it take into effect?

When the subscription expires, we give a grace period of 30 days post expiration for renewal. If a renewal does not happen, we can shut off access to the cloud portal so no more config changes can be made and there won’t be visibility for the network or user experience. APs, however, will continue to function with whatever configuration they had prior.

Will I be notified before my subscriptions expire?

We will notify you 90 days in advance of your subscription expiration so that you can plan renewals accordingly.  After subscriptions are expired, the Mist cloud will NOT drop the AP’s – they will continue to work normally. The system will alert you if expired licenses have not been renewed within 30 days of expiration (a grace period) and then the licenses will cease to be active within 90 days.

I got the new subscriptions for the extension. Will there be any trouble if I apply the subscription in the status of the current running subscription?

There won’t be any trouble.  You can have them both applied and they will both be applicable from the respective start time to the end time.