Subscriptions and Activations

The subscriptions page helps with keeping track of your purchased licenses.  View the list of subscription types you have access to and assign specific sites to enable these services on.

The Entitled column shows how many APs you can enable the subscription for and Usage lets you see how many APs are already using the service.  In the Detail tab, view your site list and see how many APs on the site are using your purchased subscriptions.

In addition to viewing purchased subscriptions in this page, you will also be able to enter in your Activation code here which is provided through email for any new orders placed.  Entering in your activation code will claim all the APs onto your organization and they will be put in an Unassigned state.  From here, freely distribute and assign the APs onto your desired sites.  This activation code will be associated with your APs and subscriptions, and will make bringing up large sites an easy, seamless process.

To view your subscription page, navigate to Organization > Subscriptions.  The Summary tab shows a list of your subscriptions and the Detail tab shows your list of sites.

Click on a subscription type to view the Subscription Details

Selecting Assign Now allows you to choose specific sites to assign subscriptions to:

View your site list and their associated subscriptions in the Detail tab

To claim APs using this activation code, select the Add Activation Code button on the upper right, and submit your code.  All your APs are now claimed and your subscriptions are active on your organization.