SRX Adoption

This article explains how to adopt an SRX onto the Mist Dashboard

Steps to Adopt the SRX

1. Navigate to Organization > Inventory: click on “Adopt Gateways“

  • Click on “Copy to clipboard“ → this will copy 8 lines of adoption commands; paste these commands on SRX gateway in configuration mode and commit


2. Once SRX entry is populated in the inventory page, assign SRX to a site:

  • Select SRX device and More > “Assign to site”
  • We can select the below options to enable App Track License on the SRX
  • If App visibility / App track license is selected as “site setting”:
    • Make sure the appropriate option is selected in Organization > site configuration > site
      • Under “Gateway Application Visibility“,
        • Select check box if App Visibility should be enabled
        • Deselect check box if App Visibility should be disabled