Sponsored Guest Access WLAN

The Mist Captive Portal can be customized with a range of authorization options to cater to your specific needs as a network administrator.  To improve its security capabilities we are introducing the option of adding a sponsored guest access authorization for users attempting to login using the portal.  With sponsored guest access enabled, clients signing in to the portal need to be approved by a sponsor in order to successfully connect to the network. This will prevent unknown and unapproved users from connecting to your private guest WLAN.

To set up a sponsored guest access WLAN, navigate to Network > WLANs and select the Add WLAN button.  Configure a Guest Portal and in the Authorization tab, select Sponsored Guest Access.  Here, enter the email domain for the sponsors who will be approving the logins.  You may customize the time window in which the sponsor needs to approve the login attempt – by default we have this set at 60 minutes.

In a portal with multiple authorization methods set up, guests who need sponsor approval for login will select Sign in as Guest on the splash page.  For portals without other authorization methods, the sponsored login page will be displayed by default.  Fill in the required fields and select Notify Sponsor.

The sponsor will then receive an email requesting access for the user.  Here, the sponsor can either accept or deny their request.

If accepted, the guest will now be approved and be automatically connected to the network.

Predefined Sponsors

You can configure a list of predefined sponsors on your Guest portal WLANs to simplify the approval process for guest users.

To configure this, navigate to your guest portal WLAN setup page.  In the Authorization tab, select Pre-defined sponsors in the Sponsored Guest Access section.  Here, you can add your predefined sponsors.  Selecting Notify all sponsors will automatically send all predefined sponsors an email whenever a guest user requests for access.


Leaving this unchecked will allow the guest user the option of choosing their sponsor email from a dropdown menu when attempting to connect.