RFGlasses for Troubleshooting

RFGlasses is probably one of the coolest Mist innovations ever. When people work with location and have the classic ‘my blue dot isn’t working’ we created this tool so you can visualize exactly what is going on with that client.  Keep in mind the SDK is reporting to the cloud the ‘beams’ it hears every second as well as sensor fusion data.  That gets processed on the Mist backend and an x,y is sent back to the device.

If this isn’t working as expected RFGlasses is a very powerful troubleshooting tool.

      • First in the live view please make sure “show App Clients” is clicked.  This is anything running the Mist SDK.


  • Pick the device (running the SDK you want to troubleshoot.

  • After a small delay (your spinning up your own Microservice) you will see the RFglasses for this device.  Note you have the option to record the session.  Please watch the video below to understand what your seeing.

  • And you have access to your recordings here and you can send them to Mist Support for analysis if you need help


This is very cool – you may want to watch it twice – lots of info!