Replace AP

The Replace AP function allows you to copy the entire configuration of an old AP (WLANs, settings, physical locations) onto a new AP. The new AP should be unassigned in the organization for replacement.  After replacement, the old AP will become unassigned.

In the Access Points page, navigate to the Utilities dropdown and select Replace AP. This will allow you to select an unassigned AP from your organization and copy the current AP configuration onto it.

When a valid mac address of an unassigned APs is provided as the input, the dropdown menu will list all available choices with their model type –

Note – Switches or Gateways are not enlisted under Replace AP feature.

On selecting an unassigned AP and replacement, the below API call is made and the AP will be replaced.

Request URL:<<org_id>>/inventory/replace
Request Method: POST
Request Payload: {"site_id":"<<>>","mac":"<<>>","inventory_mac":"<<>>"}

MAC addresses are accepted in any of these formats – xxxxxxxxxxxx, xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx , xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx and should be of Unassigned APs only.

After replacement, all the previous AP’s configurations will be applied onto new AP, including AP photos.

If no unassigned APs are present in the organization, the UI will show a ‘No unassigned AP is available’ message.

With the current implementation, model check is removed and any AP can be replaced with any other AP model. Eg-

  • AP41E to AP41 and vice versa with external antenna gain config – The newly assigned AP41 will not get external antenna gains configured due to it being an internal model AP.

  • AP41 to AP21 and vice versa with module port configured – The newly assigned AP21 does not have module port and hence the same will not get configured on it.

  • AP43 to AP41 and vice versa with dual band config setup – Even if the radio is enabled with dual band as 5GHz for AP43, the replacement AP41 will operate on 2.4 and 5GHz

Note: If AP43 has radio setup at 5G at AP level and is replaced by AP41 then 2.4 G configs is updated as “Use Site Settings”

  • AP41 to BT11 with radio config setup – After replacement, the BT11 will not get radio configurations.