Assign Spoke Templates to Sites

We go back to the Spoke Template and “Assign to Sites”.

Then select only the three “spokeX-site” and “Apply”.

The result should indicate 3 Sites (the wan edges change when devices get assigned the these)

Onboard your Devices

Now it’s time to use the Claim or Adopt Method to onboard the devices and see them in the organization inventory. On-board your devices please and then continue here.

Go to Organization -> Inventory.

Click the Refresh-Button of your Browser until you see your 5 128T SSR-Devices similar to the below.

Each 128T SSR now must be assigned one by one to an individual Site via “Assign to Site”.

Select the Site for each device and make sure to enable the configuration Management. This is different from the SRX where this is NOT good practice.

Now assign all 5 devices to their individual sites until you see the below

Assign Devices to Hub Profiles

Now that we have two Devices in our two hub-sites we can assign them to the Hub-Profiles. Go to Organization -> Hub Profiles

Click on the first profile

Under “Applies To” select “hub1-site” and “HUB1”

Click on “Save”

Repeat the process for the second hub in the second hub site so that in the end both hub profiles have their individual hub device assigned as shown below.