MSP Level

A Mist Partner may request Managed Service Provider (MSP) level access which allows an overview of multiple organizations

The MSP dashboard can then provide the status of multiple organizations on a single pane of glass and allow access to those organizations as required

  • Organizations can only belong to one MSP at a time.


Only Mist MSP Partners have access to the MSP dashboard view.

How do I become an MSP partner?

For all partners who inquire to become a Mist MSP, please reach out to

Do I need to complete the “Mist International Managed Services Partner Program?”

The dashboard is available for partners in the Mist Wireless-as-a-Service MSP Program. They can signup by reaching out to

Do I need an MSP level subscription or is it available for free?

This is free for partners in the program.

What are the other conditions for using MSP level access besides the above?

They would need to be part of the Mist MSP Channel Program.