Mist WAN Assurance Overview

Juniper Mist cloud services are transforming IT operations towards intelligent self-driving network in the era of the AI-Driven Enterprise. Juniper Mist WAN Assurance delivers simpler operations, shorter mean time to repair and better visibility into end-user experiences.

Product Overview

Juniper Mist cloud services are moving IT operations closer to the intelligent Self-Driving Network™ in the era of the AI-Driven Enterprise. Juniper Mist WAN Assurance delivers simpler operations, shorter mean time to repair, and better visibility into end-user experiences across the WAN as Mist has with WiFi and Wired Juniper products.

Juniper Mist WAN Assurance is a cloud service that brings automated operations and service levels to the enterprise access layer at the WAN edge. WAN Assurance is a key component of the Juniper AI-Driven SD-WAN solution, enabling IT teams to deliver superior user experiences across the WAN. When used in conjunction with Juniper Mist Wired and Wireless Assurance, the service transforms and unites all operations across network switches, IoT devices, access points, servers, printers, and other equipment. Juniper® Session Smart™ Routers and Juniper® SRX Series Services Gateways provide rich streaming telemetry that enables application health, WAN link health, and gateway health metrics and anomaly detection improving the client customer experience.

The Juniper Mist AI engine and Marvis Virtual Network Assistant further simplify troubleshooting and streamline your Helpdesk with Self-Driving actions that automatically remediate issues or suggest next step actions. The Marvis Virtual Network Assistant turns insights into actions and fundamentally transforms IT operations from reactive troubleshooting to proactive remediation.

Juniper Mist cloud services are 100% programmable using open APIs for full automation and/or integration with your IT applications. Automation for Installations to Operations and through long term reporting is part of the DevOPs world we are striving to achieve.

WAN Service-Level Expectations (SLEs)

Get operational visibility into user WAN experiences with SLEs for Session Smart Routers or SRX Series Services Gateways. Measure the impact of both gateway and WAN circuit health on end-user application experiences. A WAN Link Health SLE, which accounts for network congestion, cable issues, and ISP network availability, delivers insights into how these factors are affecting a given network user or application. The Juniper Mist SLE dashboard helps to identify root causes of suboptimal application experiences in just a few clicks and proactively isolate “needle-in-a-haystack” problems.

WAN Insights Driven by Mist AI

Know exactly how Session Smart Routers or SRX Series gateways are performing with metrics and insights down to the port level. These include CPU, memory utilization, bytes transferred, traffic utilization, and power draw. WAN Assurance also logs gateway events, like configuration changes and system alerts. WAN and IPsec utilization insights tell you how much traffic traverses your encrypted tunnel versus your local breakout. You also get visibility into per-user and per-application performance and experiences.

Marvis, the AI-Driven Virtual Network Assistant for WAN

Marvis Virtual Network Assistant moves IT operations closer to the Self-Driving Network™ with simplified troubleshooting and performance analysis for helpdesk staff and network administrators. Simply ask a question in natural language and get actionable insights. Marvis brings proactive anomaly detection into the SLE dashboard, so you’re alerted to deviations from established baselines. And with Marvis Actions, you’ll get proactive recommendations for WAN issues such as MTU mismatch, bad cables, and WAN link congestion and outages.

The Marvis Conversational Interface service allows IT teams to quickly get answers to questions like, “Why is my user’s video chat application experience bad?” The Juniper Mist Temporal Entity Relationship Framework correlates WAN, LAN, and WLAN network entities to provide you with the exact root cause(s) of a degraded application experience. Marvis Actions then provides recommendations to improve those experiences.

AI-Driven SD-WAN, Powered by Session Smart Router (SSR) or Juniper SRX

In addition to providing AIOps for Day-2 operations, WAN Assurance delivers life cycle management and operations. This includes Day-0 and Day-1 operations for the Juniper AI-Driven SD-WAN solution with Session Smart Routers, which fuel an advanced, service-centric networking solution. Session Smart technology delivers an experience-based SD-WAN with deep session visibility and insights, and fine-grained session control. Its tunnel-free approach enables agile, secure, resilient WAN connectivity with breakthrough economics and simplicity.

The Juniper SRX Standalone or SD-WAN is also natively Integrated into the Juniper Mist WAN Assurance solution with the same network design as 128T SSR Series Gateways with a tunneling overlay technology using IPSec.

With WAN Assurance, IT teams can onboard, configure, and deploy Session Smart Routers and SRX devices for Standalone or SD-WAN with operations such as:

  • Zero-touch provisioning (ZTP) and easy onboarding with Mist Claim Code
  • Easy templating for rapid scale deployments
  • Path and peering preferences
  • Service and application policies
  • Security policies
  • Network and NAT configuration

The following models of SSR Series Gateways support the WAN Assurance service with Virtual instantiations of the Session Smart routers or with Juniper hardware consisting of the SSR120 and SSR130 devices identified as Spoke or Standalone, whereas the SSR1200, SSR1300, SSR1400 and SSR1500 are typically used as your Hub devices:

The following models of SRX Series Gateways support the WAN Assurance service with all devices identified as Spoke on Standalone devices excepts SRX1500 and SRX4xxx, which are typically used as your Hub devices:

Risk Profiling Driven by AI

WAN Assurance is a key component of the Risk Profiling solution, which brings network security to the distributed network edge. Risk Profiling provides visibility into infected wired or wireless clients that’s observable within the Juniper Mist cloud and assigns a threat score determined by the Juniper ATP cloud. From within the Juniper Mist cloud, you can geospacially locate infected devices and take one-touch mitigation actions like ban or deauthenticate.