What platforms do you have SDKs available for?

  • We currently support Android and iOS

Where can I find Android SDK

Where can I find iOS SDK?

Where can I find SDK documentation?

What features does SDK support

  • Indoor Location*
  • vBLE Notification
  • Zone Notification

How do I report an issue with integration?

Where can I find the secret key?

Login to Mist portal here: https://manage.mist.com/

Steps to get a secret key:

  • Hover over the ‘Organization’
  • Click on ‘Mobile SDK’


  • Create a secret if it doesn’t exist


  • Copy unique key generated under secret to access your org in SDK.

Can I test location with Mist app?

  • Yes. Download the Mist Systems app from Android Play Store for Android or Apple Store for iOS and scan the organization secret code to load your org into the app to test
    • Follow the instructions to create a secret for your org if it doesn’t exist as shown in question 10
    • Click on ‘View’ to view qr code of the invitation that can be scanned by the Mist application for ease of access. For example, see the image below:


How do you distribute SDK release?

What permissions does your SDK require from user?

  • Both Android and iOS require access to location and bluetooth, in order to get indoor location feature working.

When should I ask for location permissions?

  • We recommend getting user’s permission to use their location before initializing SDK to receive location from SDK

Can I access location service in the background?

  • Yes. You can access location in background by implementing allowBackgroundLocation in iOS and using permission.ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION in Android as long as user allows the location services.

How can we ensure location accuracy?


How do I receive notifications from zone and virtual beacons?

To receive notification using virtual beacons and zones, you will need to make sure you have virtual beacons and zones set no your floorplan. See questions on configuring vBeacons and zones for more information.

You can receive zone and virtual beacon notifications using

Do you provide unique identifier for devices?

Mist assigns unique identifier for a device which can be extracted either from SDK or from sdk clients API (/api/v1/sites/:site-id/maps/:map-id/sdkclients). More information on sdk clients API can be found here: https://api.mist.com/api/v1/docs/Org#sdk-client

Do you provide location data for mobile app with Mist SDK in latitude and longitude?

  • Yes. We provide lat/long location coordinates in JSON object returned by a callback
    • onDRRelativeLocationUpdated in Android
    • didUpdateDRRelativeLocation in iOS