Mist Resource Center

We are pleased to announce our brand new Mist Resource Center! Use the Resource Center to quickly check recent announcements, search through our documentation, get step-by-step instructional guides, and read our weekly product updates, all conveniently from any page of our Mist Dashboard. Access our Resource Center through the book icon at the bottom left hand corner of any page.


Check the Announcements page to see what’s new at Mist. In this regularly updated section, we will highlight major feature updates as well as provide insight to any bugs that may be affecting users at the moment. Be sure to check here to stay up to date with what is happening in the Mist universe.


Our Help Center is a convenient place to search our documentation without the need to navigate away from the Mist UI. This eliminates the need to switch between pages or have multiple windows open when reading our documentation and referencing your own dashboard page. Quickly find any of our documentation articles directly in the dashboard when you have any questions while making configuration changes or analyzing your network health. You can either read the entire page directly from the resource center pop up, or open the full view of the documentation in a new tab.


The Visual Guides contains the compilation of our step by step guides including AP functionality and Monitoring services. Select a guide to see a walkthrough demonstration directly on your own dashboard page. Our guides will take you through every step on the way to ensure the best and most thorough experience for any new users. Long time users can also take advantage of the Guide List when learning about new features added as well. Go through some of our guides and use this opportunity to review any features you may not be as familiar with.


Look at the Product Updates section to view our weekly release notes. We at Mist are constantly working on making the Mist experience the best possible experience. So every week you will see new and updated Cloud Features in this section. Either read through the entirety of each release note directly through this Resource Center box, or view it in a separate window by following the link to the article page.