Mist Guest Portal


Updated Navigation to the Guest Portal Configuration

This is a basic introduction to the simplicity of the Mist Guest Portal

Keep in mind when uploading an image or logo

  • Minimum width/height: 200px
  • Maximum width/height: no limit
  • Maximum File Size: 10MB
  • Be mindful about the aspect ratio

3/7/2019 Feature Update

The Guest Portal defines the landing page customers are directed to when you configure a WLAN with portal configurations. To improve customization, starting this week we are allowing you to set any custom portal field as a required field. You are not limited to setting Name, email, and Company name as the only required fields. Now you can set required fields on your guest WLANS for anything, such as phone number, meeting room, who the guests are meeting with, etc. Use this new information to monitor those connected to your guest WiFi.

Navigate to Network > WLANS to create a WLAN with Guest Portal sign-on. In the Form Fills section, specify which Custom Fields need to be required. Give the appropriate name for each label in the Customize Label section

Mobile Device view

To see your current guest users click here: