Mist Access Points

AP43**  – Series is a tri-radio 4×4 802.11ax Access Point

AP43e**  – Same tri-radio 4×4 802.11ax Access Point with six RP-SMA  connectors

AP33** – Hi Performance 802.11ax Access Point with scanning radio

AP32/32E – High performance 802.11ax Access point

AP12 – Wall Plate 802.11ax Access Point

AP41** – Flagship 4×4:4 AP with internal antenna

AP41e** – Same 4×4:4 AP but with four RP-SMA connectors

AP 61** – Outdoor AP 4×4:4 with internal antenna

AP 61e** – Outdoor AP 4×4:4 with external antenna ports

BT 11** – Bluetooth BLE only internal antenna array

**APs have an internal 16 element Bluetooth antenna array with access via the vBLE or Asset software subscription(s)


Please see the Mist Website for more details