Location Analytics/Reports Deprecation

Q: When is Location Analytics and Reports being removed?

A: After April 7th, 2021


Q: Can I still access Location Analytics and Reports pages after April 7th?

A: No.


Q: Do I need to create new Reports before the April 7th deadline?

A: Yes. It is important to try the Engagement/Network Analytics feature as soon as possible to recreate your current reports.


Q: After April 7th, will any of my Reports be saved?

A: No. After April 7th ALL current reports will be removed.


Q: If I forget to move my reports over to Engagement/Network Analytics features after After April 7th, can Mist recover my Reports?

A: No. After April 7th ALL current reports will be removed.


Q: How do I Enable Engagement/Network Analytics?

A: Engagement Analytics can be enabled per site under the Site Settings, and Network Analytics is Enabled by default.


Q: Does Site Level Admin & below has access to Engagement Analytics?

A: Yes , but first org level Admin(super user) has to Enable Engagement Analytics from site settings , then other admins can access Engagement Analytics.

Please find below access details with regards to admin level:


  • Data board – read (access existing data boards), create, update, delete
  • Ad-hoc analysis – read, add to data board


  • Data board – read (access existing data boards)
  • Ad-hoc analysis – read


What APIs are getting removed with the deprecation?

# zones timeline for zone - retrieve user timeline for a zone
# zones timeline for map - retrieve user timeline for a map (a zone)
# users timeline - retrieve zones timeline for a user
# users zones stats - retrieve a stats summary of zones the user visited

# DEPRECATING zones analytic for zone for reporting purposes

The replacement for the user/zone timeline API is the Search Zone Sessions API.  For documentation please check here: https://api.mist.com/api/v1/docs/Site#search-zone-sessions

Q: What if Engagement/Network Analytics does not have what I need for my reports?

A: Contact support@mist.com if you find that Engagement/Network Analytics does not meet your needs.