Geofencing feature allows the admin to configure the minimum client RSSI needed for a client to successfully connect to the network. This feature can be enabled to make sure a user is within your facility or coverage area before offering them service.

To enable Geofencing, navigate to Organization > WLAN Templates, select the WLAN in the WLAN template. Scroll down to find the Geofence section where you can set the allowed RSSI range in dBm for clients devices. The feature can be enabled for Site WLAN as well. Navigate to Site > WLAN and click the WLAN on which this feature needs to be enabled. Follow the same steps for Template WLAN.

For 2.4, 5g minimum client RSSI, the supported versions were from 0.8 to latest (0.14)
For 6g Minimum client RSSI param, the supported versions were 0.12 to latest (0.14)

Note: This proximity-based access is only for the initial association. If a client is already associated to the network, they will not be dissociated if their RSSI value falls below the configured threshold.