Dynamic Packet Captures

Wireless packet captures are helpful when trying to dissect and dig down into the root cause of any wireless issue between a client and AP.  You can determine if packets being sent are actually reaching their destination as well as identify if packets are corrupted.

Dynamic Packet Captures are automatically saved and available for you to download in the Clients Events section of your Insights page.  Events with a dynamic packet capture available are indicated by a paperclip icon next to the Client Event name.  Click on that event and a Download Packet Capture button will be available in the Events Details section.  Here are the types of failing events which will generate a dynamic packet capture:


DHCP Timeout: When the client sends a broadcast discover packet but does not receive an offer packet from server.


DHCP Denied: When the server sends a DHCP NAK, indicating that the IP address might already be in use.


DHCP Terminated: When the Client does not proceed with DHCP request for the offer provided by the server.


Authorization Failure

This could be caused due to various reasons (MIC failure, Radius server not responding, Access-Reject from Radius server, client failing to complete the auth process).


11r FBT Failure

This is caused due to client failing 11r roam.


OKC Auth Failure

This is caused due to client failing OKC roam.


Association Failure

This could be caused due to Tx failures or invalid PMKID included by the client during association request.