What do the different AP firmware tags mean?

Production Firmware – Firmware that is tested completely for the supported feature set. Although this is the most stable firmware, it has limited feature support since we are no longer adding new features or bug fixes (except for security vulnerabilities).

rc2 Firmware – Firmware with newer functionalities and still under test, but is relatively stable to be deployed on the field. Rc2 is one with feature complete, however, we are still adding critical bug fixes.

rc1 Firmware – Firmware with known fixes/functionalities on top of the rc2 Firmware, which might get tagged as the next rc2. Rc1 is more of an active development branch which is likely to be marked as Rc2 in coming weeks.

Not Tagged – Firmware with known fixes/functionalities on top of the rc1 Firmware, which might get tagged as the next rc1. Untagged versions are more of demo or POC type releases which the customers can use to evaluate a certain feature or functionality.

Some Points to Be Noted:

  • Production fw is more stable than rc2 and rc2 is more stable than rc1 but production firmware has limited feature support as compared to rc1 and rc2.
  • Rc1 and rc2 will also have the most recent bug fixes.
  • The higher firmware contains all the fixes and features supported in previous firmware. For instance, 0.8.21301 will have all the fixes and features from older releases, may it be 0.5, 0.7 or older 0.8.
  • Regardless of tag status, we will usually recommend the newest version in a particular release.  So for example in the 0.10 release, we would recommend the latest 0.10 version.
  • We don’t usually remove the firmwares from the drop down list, we just keep on changing the tags. However, the customers are notified 2 weeks before a firmware is marked as production or rc2.