Custom WLAN Forwarding

By Default the WLAN will output as tagged or untagged traffic though the primary Ethernet port Eth0

It is possible to send the entire SSID out of the second ethernet port – this is useful for complete isolation of voice or guest traffic – but it doubles cable costs, but can be used in a retail situation to ‘air gap’ this WLAN for PCI compliance reasons.

Custom Forwarding Modes:

  • Eth0 + PoE
    • Default forwarding out the eth0 port
  • Eth1
    • Forward out the AP second ethernet port
    • To configure, please set the WLAN VLAN to untagged and custom forwarding to eth1
    • Please note, the eth1 port should be connected to a physically separate LAN
  • L2TPv3
    • Standards based tunnel (Not Supported on Wi-Fi 6 APs)
  • Site Edge
  • Mist