Coverage Problems

Device  d8:32:e3:53:8d:80 complains for a low throughput (usually get 30 Mbps to 40 Mbps Download speed but complain was device is only getting between 5 Mbps to 7 Mbps). Throughput SLE Goal is set to 10 Mbps.

For the issue you can use Marvis (VNA)

Go to Monitor page→ WiFi Service Levels →Select the site on which issue is observed.

Check for the Throughput SLE and check for any dip in the graph for the duration of complaint. (In the example shown, only one client is there on site and the Throughput  Goal is set to 10 Mbps hence 0%. Also throughput is 0% as it is not crossing 10 Mbps which is goal for our Site. Now we need to check what is causing this 0% SLE.

This can be due to issues in Wired Network, Coverage, Capacity (In this example it is primarily due to coverage issue where coverage is 49% primarily due to below two classifier.


  • Asymmetry
    • This classifier tracks the number of user minutes that a client experiences bad coverage that can be attributed to asymmetric transmit powers between the AP and client device.
  • Weak Signal
    • This classifier tracks all other user minutes below the RSSI threshold.

Click on Coverage SLE–>Click on the classifier—>Go to affected Item and check for impacted Clients and Access point

Click the Mac address of client to view it’s insights it will take you to Client Events and you can check using the time period when the user was affected.

Go to insights and check for the RSSI value for the client is getting. In this the case RSSI was high as I was away from my AP and there were obstacles (Walls) between my AP and my Wifi client and I was getting a weak signal from my AP.