Conversational Assistant FAQs

What is Marvis Conversational Assistant?

This is the next generation virtual network assistant (VNA) with advanced AI capabilities to better understand & answer any questions you ask.

Why is it important?

The key to human interaction & understanding is the ability to have a conversation & Marvis is no different. Using the Conversational Assistant, Marvis can answer any network related questions & in the future also perform network related tasks.
With being easily accessible from anywhere within the Mist portal, it reduces the dependency on dashboards & having to learn a new system.

What use cases are covered today?

The 1st version of Marvis Conversational Assistant addresses the following use cases –

  • Troubleshoot a wireless client
  • Troubleshoot an access point (AP)
  • Troubleshoot a Juniper switch
  • Troubleshoot a site
  • Org wide device search
  • Quick & easy access to Mist documentation

How shall I ask a query/question?

Simply like you do in a conversation. In other words, you are NOT required to know a list of supported questions or how to ask them. However, here are a few sample questions you can start off with:

  1. how is denali, tshoot client denali, troubleshoot 50:32:37:ea:c3:c2, denali not working, unhappy users, unhappy users at live demo
  2. how is how is LD_Marvis, tshoot ap LD_Marvis, troubleshoot 5c:5b:35:0e:45:92, LD_Marvis not working
  3. how is ld-cup-idf-d-sw1_1, tshoot ld-cup (partial name of switch), troubleshoot 3c:8c:93:94:74:dc, ld-cup-idf-d-sw1_1 not working
  4. how is live demo, tshoot site live demo, troubleshoot live demo, live demo not working
  5. denali, 5c:5b:35:0e:45:92, ld-cup-idf-d-sw1_1, ld-cup, live demo
  6. config ppsk, rogue aps

What subscription do I need with this?

SUB-VNA (Marvis subscription)

Are there any prerequisites?

You must have access to all sites across the org (even if its read access)