Cloud-Ready LED Blink Patterns

If your switch can’t connect to the cloud, LED blink patterns on the switch can help tell you why.

The following table tells what the different blinking CLD LED patterns mean and what you can do to address it. In addition to observing the physical switch, you can also assess the status from the Junos CLI by issuing the show chassis led command.

Note that for Virtual Chassis (VC) deployments managed from the Mist cloud, the CLD LED reflect the state of the primary, except when a software download is in progress (in which case all members of the VC will show OS upgrade blink pattern and color).​

Cloud LEDs Blink Pattern Meaning
solid green The ZTP process is complete.
Solid White Connected to Mist cloud.
3 yellow No IP Address. The DHCP server is not configured or could not be reached. Junos did not receive a DHCP lease or IP address.
4 yellow No default gateway. Either the address was not received or it is not configured on the device,
5 yellow The default gateway could not be reached. No ARP from the default gateway.
6 yellow No DNS server(s) found in the static configuration, or in the DHCP lease.
7 yellow No response from the DNS server. The switch received an IP address for the DNS server via DHCP, but it cannot not reach the Mist cloud.
9 yellow The Mist agent cannot reach the Mist cloud.
1 yellow, pause,
2 yellow
Could not connect to the redirect server, most likely due to a firewall blocking TCP port 443, TCP port 2200. See also Ports to allow in your firewall.
1 yellow, pause,
4 yellow
Invalid configuration on the redirect server (PHC). This device received a 500 or 404 error from the redirect server at
1 yellow, pause,
5 yellow
Incorrect time on the switch. During ZTP, the phone home client (PHC) received a certificate with the wrong time. ZTP could not continue.
1 yellow, pause,
6 yellow
Cloud unreachable. During ZTP, the PHC could not reach the cloud.