Azure Admin SSO Integration


  1. Create

Azure Enterprise App

Azure Active Directory >Enterprise Applications >New Application


Select Set up single sign on:

Select SAML:

Copy and save:

·      Azure ID Identifier

·      Login URL 

Navigate to Azure Active Directory > App Registrations > {select your Mist SSO app}
Note: It is important to navigate to App Registrations and Not Enterprise Apps

Go to App Roles and create a new Role. Use any role name of your preference, just remember it for later steps:



Now, head back to Enterprise Apps > {Mist Admin SSO app} > Users and Groups section and click add to add Users or Groups that will be allowed to authenticate via SSO application:

Head back to Single Sign On > SAML and click Edit SAML Signing Certificate:

Select to Sign both SAML response and assertion and Save:

Download certificate in Base64 format and save it for later:


Navigate to Organization > Settings > Single Sign-On > Add IdP

Now Copy ACS URL and save it:

Under Single Sign-On create a Role to match any Roles that will be sent from Azure. In our case it is Mist_Superuser:


On Azure App config go to Basic SAML Configuration:


Paste the ACL URL into below three fields and Save:

Now edit User Attributes & Claims section:


Delete “emailaddress” claim:

Delete “name” claim as shown below:

Edit “givenname” claim. Empty the Namespace field and change Name field to “FirstName”:

Edit surname claim. Empty the Namespace field and change Name field to LastName:

Add a new Role claim and configure it as shown below:

You can launch it from your Azure App:
click on test

User will be marked as SSO User.