August 25 2022 Updates

Simplified Operations

Client Onboarding Workflow

WiFi Client onboarding is made easy with the addition of PSK Portals. The Client Onboarding feature allows network administrators to create a user-facing landing page, or BYOD PSK Portal, for pre-approved wireless users to self-service their own WiFi passphrase.

The Client Onboarding configuration allows creating a BYOD PSK Portal that:

  • Uses an external IdP for SAML 2.0 authentication

  • After the client authenticates, creates a WiFi PSK (if necessary) per the Client Onboarding specifications

  • Has a customizable landing page, similar to the WiFi Guest Portal, which shows the authenticated user their WiFi login details

Please note: Client Onboarding requires an IoT Assurance subscription.  Please reach out to your Mist account team if you would like to try it.

A PSK Portal can be created under the “Organization > Client Onboarding” page –

After the user authenticates, their PSK SSID and Passphrase information are shown in the portal. The client can also scan the QR code to connect or send these WiFi details in an email –

If a PSK is created or modified by the PSK Portal, this information is tracked in the Audit Logs –

PSK Email Notification

We have made improvements to the Pre-Shared Key email notification to include more information about the WiFi details and QR code for easy connection. This email can be sent to the WiFi client’s email address when the PSK is created or updated.

To configure this email notification, enable the “Notify user by email” checkbox, supply the WiFi client’s email address, and enable the “Notify when creating or editing PSK” checkbox. Now the email notification will be sent when the PSK is first created, as well as any time it is modified.

Subscription Enhancements

Our Subscriptions “Summary” page has been simplified to show the total entitlements and usages for each Subscription Type. This is applicable for “Wired Assurance”, “Marvis for Wired”, and “Marvis for WAN” Subscription Types that may have different SKUs for each tier (base, advanced, or premium) or class (1 through 6). The “Details” view still shows all individual SKUs for each Subscription Type.

For example, the “Summary” page shows one “Marvis for WAN” Subscription Type, with 61 quantity available –

Meanwhile the “Orders” page shows five different “Marvis for WAN” Subscription Types for the different SKUs per device model and class, totaling 61 “Marvis for WAN” subscriptions –

Sponsored Guest Enhancement

The Sponsored Guest authorization experience has been improved for sponsors by including more information when a guest authorization request is approved or cannot be processed using the approval link.

After the sponsor first uses the approval link to approve the guest’s authorization request, we show a confirmation message “Request Approved – You have approved the access request for FirstName LastName (Email).”

If the sponsor accesses the approval link again after the request has already been approved, or if the client is already authorized, we now show the error message “Request Invalid – The client is already authorized. No action has been taken.”`

Similarly, if the request has already been declined, we show the error message “Request Invalid – The access request has already been processed. No action has been taken.”

If the link is accessed after the request has expired, we show the error message “Request Invalid – The access request has expired. No action has been taken.”

Removal of Free CloudShark

After two great years of free Cloudshark access directly from the Mist UI for Packet Captures, this capability will no longer be free. Beginning on September 12th, CloudShark will change their integration with Mist to require having a paid CloudShark account. For more information please visit the CloudShark FAQ:

As a results, during our September 14th production push, we will remove the CloudShark links from the Mist UI by default, unless you have entered your CloudShark account information under Organization->Settings.

Please note, Mist packet captures/Dynamic packet captures remain free in Mist, of course. You may download the packet capture to your local machine and analyze them in Wireshark.  Simply what is changing is the ability to view in CloudShark.


Marvis Conversational Assistant Improvements

We have improved the user experience for Marvis chatbot such that the clickable action buttons are now side-by-side (instead of a vertical list) to occupy less space in the chat window. We also added “+” and “x” buttons to open and close the default query menu.

Wired Assurance

Switch-VRF Configuration

User will have the option to configure virtual routing instances on the switch from device/site/org level template with override options. Virtual routing instances allow administrators to divide a Juniper Networks EX Series Ethernet Switch into multiple independent virtual routers, each with its own routing table.

WAN Assurance

Global Application Policy

To provide user the option to create global application policies that can be imported into hub profiles, spoke and standalone templates for large scale network topologies. With this option a user can override template level policy & import ‘n’ number of policies onto a device.

Auto Negotiation

For the WAN interface configuration only the user can now set the port speed and duplex options based on the device settings. These changes can be implemented on device, hub profiles, spoke and standalone templates.


Custom Virtual Routers

The LAN configuration under WAN edge template and WAN device configuration offers the support of creating custom VR for each network. The virtual router is a type of routing instance, which is a collection of routing tables, interfaces, and routing option settings. The feature is supported only on SRX platforms.

Customer Engagement

PMA – RF Health & Utilization

This week we are introducing a new PMA report “RF Health & Utilization”. This report will help uncover long-term insights on the RF Health and Utilization for an entire organization, sites, or access points. Some of the key details included in this report are – Long term coverage and capacity SLE, top Sites and top APs with utilization, and RRM Insights on neighbors and co-channels.

NOTE: Please open a support ticket to receive this report in your Premium Analytics dashboard.