Apply Multiple WLANs to APs

We can now bulk edit WLANs together and assign them to the intended APs with just a single UI configuration change.  Previously, you had to click into each individual WLAN and select the desired APs from the configuration page. With this new function, you can select the WLANs you wish to edit together and make a single change to be applied across all of them.  In addition to adding APs to WLANs, you can also add and remove labels. This can be especially useful for situations where you would like a specific group of APs to broadcast multiple of the same WLANs on your site.

To use this function, navigate to your WLANs page through Network > WLANs and use the checkboxes to select the WLANs you wish to configure.

Select the Edit WLANs button on top to reveal the configuration menu, where you can apply to Access Points and add/remove labels.  Just like when editing individual WLANs, you can select All APs, AP Labels, or Specific APs to apply the WLAN to.