AP Wired Port Configuration

In your Access Points setting page, you may configure the AP VLAN ID in the IP Address Box.  Here is an example of an AP with VLAN ID 2 configured:


1) All the physical ports are configured with tagged VLAN 2.
2) Native VLAN is still 1.
3) SVI VLAN ID is set to VLAN 2.
4) AP sends DHCP Discover packets tagged with VLAN 2.
5) AP gets an IP address from VLAN 2.

This option should be used when you want your AP to get the IP from a tagged VLAN. You don’t need to specifically add VLAN 2 to all the interfaces, as this is automatically care of by the Mist Config Model.


In the Ethernet Properties box you may set the Ethernet Port Configurations.


Think of Port VLAN ID as a Native VLAN. By default, Mist uses VLAN 1 as the Port VLAN ID. In case you want to change it to different VLAN, you can use this option. Just make sure to add the same VLAN in the list of VLAN IDs otherwise your AP will become disconnected.