AP Naming

Bulk AP Naming 

Customized Automation at your service

Claiming or renaming multiple APs give you the option of using a counter in the name to help identify between different APs.  Simply include [ctr] somewhere in the name and we will automatically increment up for each of your APs in the selected list. This week we are including the option of choosing the starting number of your increments.  By default we start incrementing at “1” but if you would like to start the numbering at a different number, this option is now available when renaming multiple APs.

In the Access Points page, select the checkboxes of the APs you wish to rename, or claim multiple APs onto your site.  When using [ctr], an additional box will appear allowing you to specify the starting number for the incremental naming counter.

Single AP Naming

When renaming multiple APs at once, we require you to follow the naming conventions of either including a counter or MAC address to help distinguish between separate APs.  This is to prevent APs from accidentally getting named incorrectly when editing multiple at once. This issue does not affect cases when renaming a single AP, so this week we have eliminated the naming requirements when users try to rename single APs from the AP list.  Only when editing multiple AP names simultaneously will we require a counter or MAC address in the name.

In the Access Points page, select the checkbox of the AP you wish to rename, and select More > Rename to make your changes.