Network Information


  • Require 802.3at or PoE+ with minimum budget of 25.5W. **IMPORTANT**

AP 12

  • Require 802.3af (15 watts) or 802.3at (30 watts)
    • 802.3at(30 watts) required if other devices will be powered by the wall-plate AP


  • Require 802.3af (15 watts) or 802.3at (30 watts)

Native or untagged VLAN port with DHCP and DNS service.

Proxies are supported although commissioning may be required to load proxy

DHCP Option 43 is supported to get Proxy details as required.

Ability to route out to Internet with traffic on TCP port 443

Can be mounted on standard ceiling tile grid or drywall ceiling or 5/8thin rod mount for open ceilings

If wall mounting then must use an L bracket to ensure the AP is correctly oriented

For BLE location services APs should be less than 5 meters from the ground and mounted horizontally and downward