AP41 & A41(External)


AP41 & AP41(E)

4×4:4 Three WiFi Radios

  • 2.4 GHz .11n
  • 5 GHz .11ac Wave 2
  • Dual Band Security Radio

BLE 16 Antenna Array (Software subscription required)

USB Port

IoT Interface (pls contact Mist Support for details)

Dual Ethernet

Additional Ethernet Module Port

12v DC Power in

POE+ In and POE out (requires 802.3AT or 30 watts)

The connector types for AP41E

AP41E Connectors: 4 Dual-band, RP-SMA  Connectors.

Antennas types allowed to be used with AP41E:

AP41E: Up to 8 dBi Patch Antenna