AP 45

The Juniper AP45 brings the performance and patented virtual Bluetooth® LE (vBLE) technology of the Juniper AP43 to the 6GHz band for enterprises needing increased channel widths and capacity. Juniper AI solutions for Wi-Fi 6E optimize operator and user experiences with secure, near-real-time client-to-cloud automation, insight, and actions. 

Key Features

  • Indoor
Wi-Fi Standard
  • 802.11ax (W-Fi 6): 4×4:4
Wi-Fi Tri-Band
  • Yes; Dedicated Fourth Radio
Antenna Options
  • Internal, External
Virtual Bluetooth LE
  • Yes

High-Performance Wi-Fi Access

The AP45 access point series is a four-radio, four-spatial stream 802.11ax access point with maximum data rates of 4800 Mbps in the 6GHz band, 2400 Mbps in the 5GHz band, and 1148 Mbps in the 2.4GHz band. The dedicated fourth radio functions as a network, location, and security sensor, as well as a synthetic test client radio and a spectrum monitor.

AI for AX™

Juniper uses its industry-leading AI platform to automate and optimize the new features in 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6). Our AI for AX™ capabilities optimize basic service set (BSS) coloring, improve AP-to-client data transmission scheduling (OFDMA), and assign clients to the best radio to boost overall network performance.

Automatic RF Optimization

Radio resource management (RRM) automates dynamic channel and power assignment using the AP’s dedicated sensor radio to detect and factor in interference from Wi-Fi devices and other sources. The Mist AI engine continuously monitors coverage and capacity metrics to learn about and optimize the RF environment.

Exceptional Insights

A dedicated tri-band fourth radio collects data for our patent-pending Proactive Analytics and Correlation Engine (PACE). The AP45 leverages machine learning to analyze user experience, correlate network issues, and automatically detect the root cause of problems.

Improved IoT Battery Efficiency

Incorporating the 802.11ax-standard target wake time (TWT) capability and Bluetooth 5.1 into the AP design extends the battery life of new and existing IoT devices as they connect to the network.

Dynamic Packet Capture

The Juniper Mist platform automatically captures and streams packets to the cloud when it detects major issues. This dynamic capability eliminates the time, effort, and expense of dispatching truck rolls with technicians and sniffer equipment to locally reproduce and gather data packets for troubleshooting.

Simple Cloud-Based Setup and Updates

The AP45 automatically connects to the Juniper Mist Cloud, downloads its configuration, and joins the appropriate network. It retrieves and installs firmware updates automatically, ensuring that the network is always current with new features, bug fixes, and security versions.

Premium Analytics

Juniper Mist Wi-Fi AssuranceUser Engagement, and Asset Visibility services include a base analytics capability for analyzing up to 30 days of data. They simplify the process of extracting network insights from data and analytics across your enterprise to properly align your support resources and enable you to introduce enhanced premium services.

High-Accuracy Indoor Location

The Juniper Mist Cloud controls the vBLE antenna array, enabling turn-by-turn asset location, wayfinding, proximity messaging, contract tracing, and other services without battery-powered beacons or other additional hardware. Passive antennas boost transmitter power and produce directional beams for one- to three-meter location accuracy.

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