Get Started

Setup your Mist account and claim your Access Points.

What’s Needed:

A web browser with Internet access

Mist Access Point(s) connected to network

About 10 minutes

Step 1 – Create Your Account

Go to and click the “Create Account” link.

After you create an account, your credentials can also be used to access the Mist dashboard and support portal.

Enter valid contact information.

A welcome email with verification link will be sent to you.

If welcome email is not received, please email

Follow the verification link to complete setup.

Step 2 – Powering Your Mist Access Point

All Mist APs require external power. Below are 3 options for powering your Mist AP:

1) PoE+ from Ethernet Switch: Connect an Ethernet cable from a PoE+, 802.3at or UPOE switch to the “Eth0+PoE” port on Mist AP. (This port is farthest on the right)

2) PoE+ from Power Injector: Connect an Ethernet cable from the ”data out” port on an 802.3at power injector (e.g. PD-9001GR/AT/AC) to the “Eth0 + Poe” port on Mist AP.  (The “data in” port of the power injector should be connected to an Ethernet switch.)

3) 12V DC Power Supply: A DC-01 12VDC power supply can be plugged into the “12VDC” connector on the Mist AP

Step 3 – Claim Your Order

First, locate your activation code in the shipment notification email.

Go to your Mist account on the dashboard and click on Organization > Subscriptions.

Enter your activation code in the pop-up window.

Applying activation code will add all the Subscriptions for the Organization, tied to that shipment notification.

APs will get claimed as well, and can be viewed on the AP inventory page.

Mist Access Point and Cloud Services in action.

Mounting the Mist Access Points

Visit the Mist Support page at to learn and experience Mist’s new age wireless.

For any other questions, feel free to drop an email to .